Third Person Never Creates Any

Third Person Never Creates Any Misunderstanding
Between Two Peoples.


Misunderstanding Between Two People Creates Space for Third Person…!

Always find time to spend with ur

Always find time to spend with ur dearest persons even if you are busy…
B’coz oneday u will have time but notur lovable person with u…

The most painful line said by

The most painful line said by world’s funniest man .
“I luv 2 walk in the rain because at that time nobody can see my tears”.

Best Lines 4 Ever:

Best Lines 4 Ever:
I Am 99% Sure That The Person I Love Doesn’t Love Me,
1% Is Enough 4 Me To Hold On My Hopes

Everything about the future is

Everything about the future is uncertain,
but 1 thing is sure.
GOD has already arranged all our tomorrows,
we just have 2 trust him 2day

Respect those friends who find

Respect those friends who find TIME 4u in their busy Schedule,
Bt really Luv those frnds who NVR SEEtheir Schedule when u NEED them.GooDay

Aaj hum unhe bewafa batakar

Aaj hum unhe bewafa batakar aaye hai,
Unhone likhe khatoan ko pani mai bahakar aaye hai,
Koi nikalkar padh na le unn khatoan ko
Esliye pani mai aag lagakar aaye h

rajsthan k raja hai hum

rajsthan k raja hai hum
talwar se khelte yoddha hai hum
yuddh bhumi kveer hai hum
garv se kahte hai
bharose aur vishwas k badshah AGRAWAL hai hum
happy teej

zindgi me har dum HASTE raho

zindgi me har dum HASTE raho , hasna zindgi ki jarurat hai . , zindgi ko is ANDAZ me jiyo ke aisa lage apko TAKDIR ki nahi TAKDIR ko aapki jarurat hai ….

Without respect, love is lost.

Without respect, love is lost.
Without care, life is boring.
Without honesty, love is unhappy.
Without trust, love is unstable.